Q      What does "backordered" mean?

A      We sometimes have merchandise for sale that has not yet been received at our distribution center, or that has sold out and is being restocked. 
You can still order these items to reserve your favorite color or size, and we'll ship them to you as soon as supplies are replenished. The expected ship date for backordered merchandise is listed when you add an item to your basket, and also during checkout. We do our best to keep these dates accurate, but please be aware that in rare circumstances we may experience delays, in which case we will email you the new expected delivery date.

Q      I'm looking for a specific item that is selling in Korea, but I can't find it on Cravelook.

A      We always try to carry what our customers want and need. 
If it's not on Cravelook, please email us with information or a description of the item you're looking for. You can also include an image of the item if you have. We'll try to stock what our customers want.

Q      Can you give me more information on a product?

A      We try to publish as much useful information as we can about all our products, to help you buy the things that will suit you best. The product page for every item includes sizing, a detailed description, care instructions, and most importantly, plenty of images. If there is anything further information you feel we need to put on there to help you, just let us know what information you'd like to see and we'll do our best to include it.

Q      What is "One size"?

A      We're sorry that many of our product are not available in a variety of sizes. If the description says "One size, fits S - M", it means the item comes in one size only and fits small to medium.